System Integration is our Speciality

Are you looking for support for several of your business technologies? Whether you need to have your video door bell communicate with your phone system or you need your door access system to connect to your video surveillance system and time clock. That’s what we do. Your network and communication systems are critical to the success of your business. Don’t rely on a company that only understands part of the picture. We are a technology partner with decades of experience building and maintaining truly integrated systems that communicate.

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Unified IP voice, Video & mobility Communications




  • Unlimited remote extensions
  • No licenses or recurring fees
  • Connect multiple locations together easily
  • Advanced call recording and reporting
  • Call queue and skill based routing
  • Free mobile app with audio & video
  • Video door phones with door access integration
Unified Communications for your business

VoIP systems allow businesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such as voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, mobility options and facility access management onto one common network.

The Grandstream App works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can seamlessly switch between mobile devices and your laptop or desktop. This means you can take a call as you’re heading back from outside the office and easily transition to your desk.


  • HD Video Door System that tracks users
  • Manage and records access to any physical building
  • Serves as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom
  • Integrates with your access-control and security monitoring systems
  • Offers powerful integration with other IP devices

Controlled Door Access Systems built to last

For more than 12 years, We have been designing and installing the most technologically advanced door access systems in the industry for government facilities, commercial offices, and institutional buildings. Our team of seasoned engineers and expert installers are here to make your system perfect.

From durable bluetooth locks to comprehensive electronic access control solutions and biometrics, we provide a complete end-to-end access solution to provide maximum security for your organization.

  • Electronic strikes & locks
  • Maglocks
  • Gate locks
  • Biometric readers
  • Time and attendance readers
  • Access control systems
  • Bluetooth Wireless Door Handles

Multi-tenant Intercom Systems

If security is essential for your apartment, dorm or secure building, and you want to control access, a multi-tenant intercom system with audio & video is what you need.

  • Property managers can make directory updates thru mobile device
  • Adaptable to any system size
  • Supports lift controllers, to limit access thru elevators

zoom room or teams rooms, we have got you covered

T1 Technologies specializes in the integration of several technologies to deliver end-to-end conference room solutions. 

Let our trained professionals work with you to determine the hardware and software applications that are necessary to achieve your conference room needs. With our wide portfolio of technology solutions we are able to deliver a product that is user friendly, industry compatible, secure and able to grow with your business.

Smart IP Surveillance Solutions that work for you.

T1 Technologies, Inc. delivers cutting edge, high-tech products to provide safety and protection for people, assets, and information. Our goal is to bring the advantages of the current DVR technologies to our customers so that they can provide security to their establishments, their employees and their customers.

“We believe that your video surveillance solution should be easy to operate, easy to access incident video and easy to get that video to the right people when an incident occurs.” All of our systems follow these guidelines.

T1 Technologies, Inc. is a certified installer of several name brands of surveillance equipment. We offer affordable video security solutions for any size installation. From one-camera installs to multiple site configurations that require hundreds of cameras and dozens of DVR units, Our surveillance systems are feature rich and easy to use. We specialize in small and mid sized surveillance installations up to 250 cameras.

We work with each customer to design an affordable DVR System. Our systems are easy to use and come with our knowledgeable and friendly technical support at your service.

sound masking and white noise systems

 Sound masking allows you to use digital devices to add sound to your environment through hidden speakers to create confidentiality or reduce noise distraction where you need it most.

The type of sound generated by sound masking technology is discreet, random, and provides no decipherable information about the system to listeners. We provide systems from 2 manufacturers depending on the level of masking you are trying to achieve.


How Does It Work?
Sound masking allows you to increase the ambient noise level in an area, which masks speech and diminishes sound distraction. While adding more sound to mask existing sounds seems contrary to what we might think, ambient sounds actually makes a room seem more quiet. This additional sound at just the right frequency makes certain tones, like human speech, less distinguishable.

We’ve all experienced sound masking at one time or another. Maybe you’ve flown on a plane, and you’ve noticed how it’s only easy to really hear and understand the person next to you. The ambient sound made by the forced air systems in the plane masks the sounds of other talking passengers around you. Perhaps you’ve tried to have a conversation with someone in a place where there’s running water, like a kitchen sink. The sound of the running water (the ambient sound in this example) makes it a challenge to hear and understand a person who is across the room.

What Does It Sound Like?
When installed and used as intended, sound masking doesn’t really sound like anything. If it can be compared to a sound, it’s similar to gently forced air. Sound masking should be non-invasive and establish speech privacy.

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