Managed IT Services designed for your Business

Unsecure and out-of-date technology creates liability and diverts too much of your time away from serving your customers. We focus on your business technologies by delivering complete, customized, end-to-end IT service solutions specific to your business. With our extensive communication tools, and IT expertise, T1 is your trusted source for all of the technology needs of your business—today and in the future. We enhance the user experience by providing a one call resource for all of your IT needs.

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Managed IT Support, 24/7 Help Desk

T1 Technologies has more technicians per end-point than any other provider in our marketplace. What that means for you is that when you call in, instead of a recorded message - you get a live technician that knows your name and your systems and is ready to help solve your issue right away. Let us take away the burden and worry of keeping your business’s technology up and running.

Cyber Threat Assessment

Network Security Audits build awareness and create an actionable list of what to do next. In the last year, cyber criminals delivered a wave of cyber attacks that were not just highly coordinated, but far more advanced than ever before seen. Simple endpoint attacks became complex, multi-stage operations. Get the critical information that you need to secure your network systems now.

0365, Teams, OneNote & Sharepoint Support

Our highly experienced and friendly local help desk support technicians are here to assist you 24/7. Proficient in dozens of critical business applications in addition to Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems, our technicians have the fastest resolution times in the industry. Call us to find out more.​

We enhance the user experience

Onsite desktop and Server support


Our Managed Workstation and Server applications will save you money and time while we manage and fix the majority of technical issues automatically, in the background and before major problems arise. Tasks such as performance tuning, disk space monitoring, anti-virus scans, software updates, web-filtering, web-security and more are done proactively.


reliable remote and onsite support for your systems

Your network should be secure, up-to-date and fast. We provide multiple IT services to our clients so they don’t have to deal with several companies for technology projects. Below is a summary of the data services that we provide to our clients.

  • Proactive Intrusion Prevention Software

  • Network consulting, troubleshooting and design services

  • Network configuration, VLAN setup, WAN programming

  • PC Troubleshooting and repair

  • Network hardware installations

  • Malware, Virus & Spyware Removal Services

  • Wireless LAN and WAN services

Our highly experienced and friendly local help desk support technicians are here to assist you 24/7. Proficient in dozens of critical business applications in addition to Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems, our technicians have the fastest resolution times in the industry. Call us to find out more.

cloud management for all of your devices

Smartphones and tablets continue to flood the workplace, and businesses everywhere are racing to appropriately regulate and manage these mobile devices. To support today’s, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, you’ll need a mobile device management (MDM) solution that keeps your employees happy – and keeps you in control. Centrally provision, monitor, and secure all endpoint devices within your organization, while keeping your network aware of constantly changing devices.

Provision. Pre-enroll devices or dynamically add users as they join your network. Deploy wireless and VPN connectivity settings, push apps and content, or restrict usage based on user groups.

Monitor. Locate and track laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the world. Get real-time visibility on device health, security posture, and software and hardware inventory for your entire fleet of devices.

Secure. Ensure security for your organization from devices all the way to network policies. Protect devices and data with encryption enforcement, enterprise remote wipe, and integrated network access control.

Flexible Solutions for BYOD – With MDM, you can provide users with fast and secure access to your corporate data from their personal devices. And with the industry’s broadest device support, intuitive workflows, simplified deployment options, and advanced management and security features, we make BYOD simple. Your employees want to maintain one device for both work and play – they want to access corporate email, then check Facebook, jump back to email and review an upcoming presentation over lunch. This need for “dual personas” is exactly what our MDM solution aims to address. So, go ahead, let your employees leverage their devices – and rest assured that critical business data and applications will remain safe, secure, and accessible – on your terms.

Centralized Cloud Management – Every user is unique. Every device, a bit different. Systems Manager keeps the network in the loop about constantly changing devices, automatically tracking device posture and adjusting security policies to match.

    •    Easy device enrollment 
    •    Passcode & encryption enforcement 
    •    Email, VPN & Wi-Fi profiles 
    •    Device restriction settings 
    •    Remote locate, lock & wipe
    •    Jailbreak & root detection 
    •    Policy updates & changes 
    •    Compliance reporting 
    •    Email access controls 
    •    Corporate directory integration 
    •    Certificate management 
    •    BYOD privacy settings

Easy to Maintain – T1 Technologies answers the MDM challenge, with an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the management of personal devices – without compromising the user experience, security or privacy. Our solution provides flexible approaches for enrollment, asset management, policy enforcement and the distribution of profiles, apps and docs, all based on device ownership (whether corporate- or employee-owned). We’ll even handle day-to-day MDM monitoring and management, and only escalate back to you the alerts that you want.

Business continuity for your Mission Critical IT Systems

Business continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so your organization can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. Your IT infrastructure is the most critical component to consider.

Whether your a business, public sector organization, or non-profit, you need to know how you can keep going under any circumstances.

T1 can help your organization build your (ever-changing) business continuity plan to recognize potential threats to your organization and analyze what impact they may have on your day-to-day operations.

Your business continuity plan also provides a way to mitigate these threats, putting in place a framework which allows key functions of the business to continue even if the worst happens. Contact us for more information to start getting your framework in place.

T1 is a Scale Computers Partner. Scale’s HC3 brings together virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery into a single solution, eliminating the need for third-party components or licensing. The result is a highly efficient virtualization infrastructure that’s easy to use and effortless to maintain, producing substantial cost savings in both the short and long term.

We enhance the user experience. Find out what that means for your business.