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T1 Paging Solutions

The design and layout of your paging and sound system is critical if you want to get the best sound quality and longest life span out of your equipment. We utilize our experience and knowledge of sound principles to ensure your sound system will meet operating specifications and produce the highest quality sound available. From state of the art CAD design to expert installation techs, we will make your sound system sing.

Paging system services that we provide to our clients:

  1. Sound system design and CAD drawings for warehouse installations
  2. Paging systems and intercom talk-back systems
  3. Existing sound system troubleshooting and expansion
  4. Home theater system design and installation
  5. Multi-zone sound systems installations and troubleshooting
  6. Touch-screen AV system installation
  7. Interior and Exterior Paging Solutions
  8. Telephone system paging

"Signature Quality" Installations

Our cabling team is proud of the work that they perform. So proud that they put their name on every completed T1 infrastructure project. Our Signature Quality seal is signed by the technician that is responsible for the infrastructure and represents our guarantee that every cable is certified, labeled, anchored and correct to all building codes.



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