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If your hard drive crashed right now, would you miss anything; your important documents, pictures, e-mails, QuickBooks or Quicken database? Of course you would, but have you done anything to prevent losing your data?

Think "Plan B" and "C" for that matter

Smart businesses owners integrate a local backup and an off-site backup to create a fail-safe disaster recovery plan. At T1 we recommend a Network Accessed Storage (NAS) on the network locally and our remote backup solution to handle the offsite backup. Our Backup Service is an affordable, integrated local and off-site data backup and disaster recovery solution. Combining local and off-site storage provides the best of both worlds – fast restore times using an appliance for on-site backup and assurance of disaster recovery from the data copied to two secure, off-site storage locations via the monthly subscription.

All data is not created equal

The T1 Backup Service makes it easy to select only the most critical data to be stored off-site for disaster protection as well as the ability to create multiple priorities for your data backup.

Plan B

Proven, Powerful and Complete Solution

Our system is designed to get you back up and running fast because we know that down time is no good for your productivity. Designed for organizations of any size, the T1 Backup Server creates a local copy of data and efficiently transfers the data off-site without placing additional burden on production servers. Off-site storage is monitored and managed by T1 Central as part of the monthly T1 Backup Subscription.

  • Backups are automatic. You decide what information to back up and how often backups occur. T1 Online Backup does the rest.
  • T1 Online Backup is integrated directly with Microsoft Windows. The service is easy to use. As soon as you power on your machine, T1 Online Backup has you protected.
  • We take pride in providing excellent customer support for our clients. Our North American technical support team is located in Omaha, Nebraska. When you need us, we're only a phone call or email away.
  • We encrypt data prior to transmission using a unique encryption key generated during installation of the software.
  • Backup servers are located in a SOC type 2 and 3 audited data center operated and owned by Latisys.


We are there for you when you need us most

Our Backup Service includes technical support and emergency assistance with restores in the event of a system failure or disaster. Unlike other providers in the industry - we want to offer our personal service to make sure you are back up and running as quickly as possible. We can also provide data recovery services for crashed hard drives. Pay only for the data that you backup.

Still have questions? Call us 9am-5pm CST for more information at 855-481-8324

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