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Data IT Services

Your network should be up-to-date, fast and secure. We provide multiple smart services to our clients so they don’t have to deal with several companies to complete a single elaborate technology project. Below is a summary of the data services that we provide to our clients.

Network consulting and design servicesHelp
From the beginning of the design process to Voice / Data circuit selection to sourcing out the necessary hardware devices, we can simplify the entire process of building your network infrastructure. Our clients utilize our 75+ years of combined experience in the industry providing integrated technology solutions that work. We have experienced design and consulting services, As-builds and CAD cable infrastructure design services, Product sourcing for hardware and software applications, and Telephony / computer integration

Network servers, User PC systems and Media center computers
A lot of today’s “Out of the box” computers and servers fall short in certain areas. For this reason, we offer custom servers and media center computers to fit exact needs. Custom builds often save our customers a substantial amount of money, while boosting overall performance. All of our systems are built with top quality name brand components and provide industry standard warranties. We are happy to help you with your New server system builds and upgrades, Server builds and integration into your network, Complete Media Center installations and Custom conference room computers

PC Troubleshooting and repair
For repair services, we can come to your location and fix it on-site or we dial in remotely and connect directly to your computer from our office. You don’t have to haul your computer around; we’ll take care of it for you. If assistance is what you need, we have experience with Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, Quickbooks, Quicken, Mac OS, Mac mail, Adobe Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, several CAD/ CAM programs and more and several FTP programs.

Network hardware installations
We stay current and keep our technicians certified so we can provide you with professional and reliable installations and service of a wide variety of n
etwork equipment and peripherals: Routers, Hubs and Switch installation, Firewalls and security appliances, Content filters, Email filters, Data cabinets and racks, Patch panels and wire management systems, UPS battery backup systems and surge suppression.

Malware, Virus & Spyware Removal Services

In today's world, malware, viruses and spyware are inevitable. That is why we take these threats very seriously. We will attack the virus or spyware by hitting it with several different Anti-virus & Anti-spyware programs. We utilize the latest techniques available to remove deep imbedded files and registry keys to insure that your computer is completely restored.  We can even access your computer remotely to determine the cause of many PC related problems that you may experience. Contact us for a free consultation.

Wireless LAN and WAN services

From simple access point Wi-Fi networks to complex multi-site Wide Area Network Infrastructures, we have an application and a product for your wireless needs. Wireless network spectrum analysis& Wi-Fi security analysis, Wireless access point installation for public sites (w/content filtering, anti-virus), WAN, WI-MAX, Public WiFi, and WLAN Installations

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