Healthcare & Assisted Living

Healthcare & Assisted Living Technologies

We understand Healthcare and Assisted Living Technologies and how they can enhance staff, administrators and the patient or community members lives. Exceptional care depends not only on educated and prepared staff, but also on functional, dependable technologies that works when they matter the most. T1 equips healthcare organizations with the agility to thrive in an industry of rapid change.

For healthcare institutions to succeed, you need functional, dependable technology to keep processes running smoothly. Healthcare IT, from mobile devices to telehealth to patient data security, is essential to providing the best care possible.

Our Healthcare IT solutions include:

From HIPAA compliancy to enterprise-wide collaboration solutions, you need a technology strategy that can keep pace with your business. Learn more about the latest innovations in healthcare technology and how they can help accomplish these goals. 


Assisted Living Communities are embracing technology

Technology has become one of the more important factors for potential customers and their families in the selection process of an Assisted Living Community. This includes extra remote monitoring oversight to support their independence, while keeping family and professional caregivers informed of how they are doing.

Forward-thinking assisted living owners already are adopting simple, easy-to-use technology additions to their communities that create more customer, family and staffing satisfaction, supported by increased operational efficiencies.


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