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Touchless Biometrics with Temperature Detection Systems

Are you concerned about getting back to business with Coronavirus COVID-19 still actively spreading out there? Our standalone & networked thermal scanning solutions can store and match up to 50,000 faces in less than 0.3 seconds in both total darkness and bright sunlight (up to 50,000 Lux)

  • User authentication read range up to 8 feet
  • Stores & matches up to 50,000 face templates
  • Face verification possible while wearing protective mask (Palm recognition advised while wearing mask)
  • Stores & matches up to 5,000 palm templates
  • Stores and matches up to 3,000 palm templates and 10,000 fingerprint templates
  • Additionally stores and matches up to 10,000 fingerprint templates
  • Larger model has an 8″ programmable touchscreen display (Smaller unit has a 5″ display)
  • Intelligent energy-saving design
  • Dual-lens IR & VL camera recognizes faces in both total darkness and bright sunlight (<50,000 Lux
  • Inputs and outputs allow direct connection to door access systems, light bars, sirens and cameras


Designed for Manufacturing facilities, Assisted Living Communities, Event Centers, Restaurants, Bars and other public venues requiring public interaction.

Thermal Network Security Camera

Safeguard your entrance with our Networked Thermal Security Camera which combines thermal and visible light video security imaging with safety video surveillance based on the detection of temperature measurement thresholds.

  • On-board temperature-detection algorithm
  • Easy operation
  • Best-in-class intrustion detection
  • Compatible with BioSecurity Software



Don't settle for less, our facial recognition and thermal scanning technologies have been setting the industry standard for over 20 years.

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"Signature Quality" Installations

Our cabling team is proud of the work that they perform. So proud that they put their name on every completed T1 infrastructure project. Our Signature Quality seal is signed by the technician that is responsible for the infrastructure and represents our guarantee that every cable is certified, labeled, anchored and correct to all building codes.



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