Surveillance Solutions

Analog and IP Video Surveillance Solutions that work

"We believe that your video surveillance solution should be easy to operate, easy to access incident video and easy to get that video to the right people when an incident occurs." All of our systems follow these guidelines.

T1 Technologies, Inc. is a certified installer of several name brands of surveillance equipment. We offer affordable video security solutions for any size installation. From one-camera installs to multiple site configurations that require hundreds of cameras and dozens of DVR units, Our surveillance systems are feature rich and easy to use. We specialize in small and mid sized surveillance installations up to 250 cameras.

Below is a summary of the video services that we provide to our customers.

1. Analog, IP & Network based surveillance systems with remote viewing capabilities
2. Digital video recorders and time-lapse recorders
3. Indoor and outdoor video surveillance
4. Wireless camera installation
5. System service and troubleshooting
6. Day and IR Night cameras (Vandal-proof and weather-proof)
7. High visibility and covert applications.

We work with each customer to design an affordable DVR System. Our systems are easy to use and come with our knowledgeable and friendly technical support at your service. Our 24x7 service technicians ensure that your system is working at any time of the day.


DVR Surveillance offers a superior solution:

1. No video tapes to replace, ensuring continuous recordings
2. Superior high quality digital recordings
3. Remote access, allowing you to watch and hear your business from any off site location via the internet
4. Easy access to video, pull video clips/screen shots easily by date and time and/or camera.
5. Enlarge still frame video clips to zoom.
6. Control cameras from off site locations
7. Provide digital clarity with no loss of recorder image quality.
8. Eliminate poor customer service, inventory shrinkage, shoplifting, employee theft, vendor theft, false accusations and missing register transactions.


T1 Technologies, Inc. delivers cutting edge, high-tech products to provide safety and protection for people, assets, and information. Our goal is to bring the advantages of the current DVR technologies to our customers so that they can provide security to their establishments, their employees and their customers.

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