If a 10-year-old can do it.....Online Tutorial Videos

Knowledge is POWER!!! That is why we have put together these online video tutorials to assist with some of the basic functionality of your different business technologies. The more you know - the more you grow, right?. Anyways, we hope you find them useful. Please contact us with any questions, problems or suggestions for future videos.

AVAYA IP Office Phone Systems & Telephones

Making a conference call on the AVAYA Phone



Transferring a call on the AVAYA 1416 Phone 



Changing your AVAYA Voicemail Greeting



Adding Personal Speed Dials on your AVAYA 1416 Phone



Transferring a caller directly to voicemail



Digital Phones

VoIP Phones

System Guides

Avaya-1403 Quick Reference Guide

Avaya-1408 1416 Phone User Guide

Avaya-1408 Quick Reference Guide

Avaya-1416 Quick Reference Guide

Avaya-1416 User Guide

Avaya-9504 User Guide

Avaya-9508 Quick Reference Guide

Avaya-9508 User Guide

Avaya-9600 Series User Guide

Avaya-9608 Quick Reference Guide

Avaya-9611 Quick Reference Guide

IP Office Basic VM Guide

Standard VM Guide

VM Pro User Guide


 Surveillance Systems & Cameras

Accessing your Surveillance Cameras over the network


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